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Miami, FL Weapons Charges Attorney

Facing weapon charges in Florida is a serious crime and you will need the help of a skilled Miami defense lawyer who can successfully fight your criminal case in a court of law.

Our law firm provides effective defense against various types of crimes including gun and weapon charges. In Florida weapon charges carry a mandatory minimum sentence such as:

We get to work immediately on your case. It is also possible to negotiate a reasonable solution even before weapon charges are filed if you act quickly following your arrest.

To own a gun or firearm legally you must pass a background check and apply for a permit. The government implemented this law to ensure that guns are handled properly and are kept in good hands. Even though gun laws are in place, weapon crimes are committed everyday with the use of illegal and legal firearms.

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By hiring a lawyer from our federal criminal law firm you can rest assured that someone is protecting your rights and building a strong defense to be presented in a court of law if needed. We conduct our own investigations to gather evidence and get to the bottom of your case.

If you or someone you know is in need of a Miami criminal defense lawyer contact our law firm immediately to setup a FREE initial case evaluation. Find out today how a Florida weapon crimes attorney can help you. Your future and your freedom may depend on it.