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Whenever a large publicly traded organization commits corporate fraud it is usually all over the headline news. Corporate fraud is a serious crime because it affects everyone involved which in most cases is an entire organization. The Miami Federal Criminal Lawyer Law Offices provides professional representation to large and small organizations that are charged with corporate fraud or are under investigation.

Corporate fraud within an organization can consists of many different types of fraud including but not limited to:

The only difference between an individual being charged with these crimes and having them fall under the category of corporate fraud is the individual charged is working for a corporation while committing these crimes.

In order to be convicted of corporate fraud you must be in violation of federal law under an applicable statute such as:

If you are in violation of any one of these statutes contact The Law Offices of Miami Federal Criminal Lawyer for a FREE no hassle, no obligation consultation with a Miami federal criminal lawyer today.

Corporate Fraud Punishments

In cases of wire and mail fraud you may have to serve up to 5 years in prison and issued a fine of $250,000. Committing these crimes against a financial institution is a much more serious crime and may raise the sentence to 30 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine.

If you or someone you know were involved in corporate fraud you should contact the Miami Federal Criminal Lawyer so we can begin building a defense for your case. We handle cases throughout Miami, Florida and various other surrounding communities. Call today to find out how we can help you resolve your case with as little stress as possible.