Ponzi Schemes Criminal Attorney

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A Ponzi scheme consists of an investment opportunity promising big returns to investors. The problem arises in the fact that the investments are paid back with subsequent investor’s funds, as the people running the scheme are not running an actual business or investing the funds any further. Eventually, the pot runs out and investors stop receiving payouts.

The investors caught up in these scams are frequently very wealthy, law-abiding citizens that believe the opportunity is sound and performed by a reputable organization.

While the name “Ponzi” comes from an early twentieth century con man, the largest, and arguably best known, Ponzi scheme was brought to light in late 2008. This 2008 scheme was $50 billion large and perpetrated by former NASDAQ Chairman Bernard L. Madoff.

The actual Ponzi scheme itself is not a crime, instead, the charges against the individuals running these operations are generally a variety of fraud and other allegations. These charges can include:

Defense of a Ponzi scheme operation requires a skilled Federal criminal attorney. There are many complicated issues arriving in high profile cases like these. Individuals charged with operating these organizations can face both federal and state charges each with an array of steep penalties.

If you have been charged with operating a Ponzi scheme, do not wait to find a qualified Federal criminal attorney. Your rights are at stake. You will need an excellent defense. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin working on your case. Call the Miami Federal Criminal Lawyer today for a free and confidential consultation.