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At the law offices of Miami federal criminal lawyer we provide professional legal representation to individuals confronted with felony and criminal charges such as murder, white collar crimes, sex crimes, theft / burglary, juvenile crimes, and many more. It is our top priority to have your case thrown out, won by a jury trial, or settled out of court with a favorable agreement.

Being charged with murder/manslaughter is a serious felony and requires the assistance of an experienced Miami federal criminal attorney who has a proven track record of handling murder cases.

The different types of murder and manslaughter charges are:

Being convicted of any of the preceding crimes will leave you facing extreme consequences including jail time and possibly a death sentence. That is why it is of the utmost importance to retain a skilled Miami federal criminal lawyer who can successfully represent you in a court of law. Don’t take your chances with an inexperienced low cost attorney. Your future and freedom is at stake.

Voluntary Manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter is when somebody does not have the intent to kill but under certain circumstances that would cause a normal personal to become mentally or emotionally disturbed, the offender killed another human being in the “heat of passion”.

Involuntary Manslaughter

Often called criminally negligent homicide, involuntary manslaughter is when there is no intention to kill but a death is caused from criminal negligence or reckless behavior.

1st Degree Murder

First degree murder is defined as a killing that was committed after “lying in wait” or planning to kill the victim.

2nd Degree Murder

Second degree murder is 1) an intentional killing that was not committed in a reasonable “heat of passion” nor was planned. 2) A killing caused by negligent actions and an obvious lack of concern for human life.

Professional Murder Lawyer

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